Three Geological Cross-section Vessels

These vessels are made from mainly Norwegian C1 fleece with wet felting techniques. They are appoximately 80 cm tall.

three felted vessels

Long Thins

This piece is approximately 5 metres long though each section is only about 20 cm wide. Consequently there are many ways to display the piece. Suspended from a high ceiling or in a long stairwell it can be shown in its entirety.

installation view of Long Thins

This is one possible way to display these long pieces.

detail of lower edges

There are endless possibilites of how to display the ends of this piece as it hits the floor.

detail from Long Thins

This shows detail of the stitching and how it shows on both sides of the piece.

Wall Piece with Frills and Spikes

This wall piece is about 2m long.

Frill or Spike detail

The shadows cast by this piece are pleasing.

Information On Materials Used

Long Thins

Merino wool fibres of two colours were used with wet felting techniques. The stitching was added to create texture.

Wall Piece with Frills and Spikes

Only white merino fibre is used in this piece. Wet felting techniques with added stitching with rayon thread. The stitching is merely to deform the surface, not to attach any sections.