Janet Clarke felt maker

Felting is such an exciting process. Inspired by line and its interaction with its surrounding space I work intuitively with wool fibres and may include other fibres such as flax and silk. To go from loose fibres to a cloth or 3-d item seems such a magical process. Different types of sheep produce wools that are surprisingly varied in their qualities and chosing the most appropriate is an ongoing learning situation.

My background in mathematics enables me to think about processes and work from an ordered point of view. A felt maker for last 20 years, I produce a wide variety of wet felted items. These include items to wear such as scarves, gauntlets and hats; practical items such as bags and rugs. Pieces for exhibition have included vessels up to 80cm tall, a river of felted stones and wall pieces. I have also made wall pieces for ecclesiastical settings ranging in size from 1m to 4m in length.

I teach felt making and thoroughly enjoy sharing the excitement of the making process with others. There is always so much to gain in knowledge and experience.

I continue to work on the fascinating variety of form that is possible in all sizes of vessels. Vessels are the over-arching term for three dimensional works which could be wall hung as well as free standing. Other strands of my work currently include exploring the use of other fibres with wool fibre and developing more workshops.

Felt Diary

detail from Felt Diary

This is a detail from the Felt Diary made over the period of a month using mainly natural coloured wool fibres with added flax and silk fibres. The whole piece is approximately 20cm wide and 5m long.